Easily Accessible Solutions for Governments & NGOs

We help to expand the boundaries of the existing healthcare infrastructure and deliver services to the underserved regions with zero effort from your side. Tailored to the needs of your patients


EcoCare products with full lifetime maintenance

Clinic on demand


Mobile Clinic

Clinic on a truck or van

Pop-up Clinic

Clinic in a container

Health Point

Clinic in a stationary setting

Inflatable Clinic

Clinic in an inflatable building


Making care carefree


We understand

your needs and prepare a customized solution


We mobilize

necessary resources and deploy the solution in a short time


We organize

a team of doctors and staff and ensure their 24/7 work


We provide

facility management, software support, logistics and supply of medications and other consumables


We track

the efficiency of each section of the project and constantly offer improvements

Digital Platform

Connecting patients, medical professionals, clinics, and labs in one convenient ecosystem

Ready for the smooth digitalization of healthcare with us?

We’ll make it simple by providing all inclusive service and lifetime maintenance for all our products

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EcoCare Group – is an integrated healthcare services provider delivering care in new ways. We offer innovative solutions for governments, business and patients in the primary and preventive care segments

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